Lázně Moravske toplice

Forty years ago a story began around a hot spring, a story that made the local people grow to realise that the only way to benefit from this gift of nature is to take up an active part in the development. The focal point of the municipality, Moravske Toplice, offers comforts of accommodation, relaxation and swimming (Terme 3000, Terme Vivat). The setting is positively charming, with spectacular landscape, remnants of Pannonian architecture, rich handicraft tradition, delicious cuisine, excellent wines, and proverbial hospitality of the local people. Moravske Toplice is a great starting point for delightful sightseeing trips, short or long, e.g. architect Plecnik's “White Dove” (Bela golobica) church at Bogojina, art of pottery at Filovci, Lake Bukovnica with its energy points, and others.
On the whole, Moravske Toplice is a dedicated spa town.

The area once covered by the Pannonian Sea contains many natural curiosities. Among them is the unique black thermo-mineral water with specific medicinal effects. Together with natural peloids and a variety of traditional and alternative therapies (such as acupuncture), this water helps in the treatment of rheumatic illnesses and diseases of the respiratory system and skin, and in rehabilitation following injuries and operations to the locomotor system. First-class therapies and wellness services are complemented by a wealth of relaxation, recreation and entertainment options.

Moravske toplice

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Minimální výška: 155 m
Maximální výška: 187 m


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