Lázně Dolenjske Toplice

Today Dolenjske Toplice is a centre of health, wellness and congress tourism and an area of unspoilt nature with a rich cultural heritage.
The driving force behind spa and wellness tourism is Terme Krka, which has been operating here for almost 40 years. Dolenjske Toplice´s latest acquisition is a Cultural and Congress Centre whose main activity is congress tourism.

Experienced and highly trained experts provide a wide range of programmes for relaxation, pampering and strengthening health. With both preventive and curative programmes, which are carried out in the Medical Rehabilitation Centre, the modern medical equipment of the health
resort is also important. The beneficial effects of the thermal water are proven, while the beautiful
Dolenjska countryside contributes to feelings of wellbeing.

Dolenjske Toplice

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Minimální výška: 155 m
Maximální výška: 175 m


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