Lázně Lendava

Lendava, at the point where Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia meet, is a pleasant surprise, not only in its beneficial effects but also in its outstanding natural, cultural and ethnological features. Storks nest by the backwaters of the river Mura and the area has a special fauna and flora of its own. The more than 4,000 vineyards in the Lendava hills produce fine wines. The town conserves memories of the time of the legendary King Matjaž and the knight Michael Hadik and surprises visitors with the coexistence of differences: the synagogue and the Evangelical church, the mighty castle and the friendliness of its people.

The greatest natural curiosity is the unique thermo-mineral paraffin water with its green reflections. It was discovered in 1965 and its miraculous rejuvenating powers led to the building of a spa in this unique environment, enabling countless experiences in a natural setting. The green water with its high paraffin content is the basis for balneotherapy at the spa.


Obecné informace

Minimální výška: 140 m
Maximální výška: 170 m


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