Lyžování Bovec

The Kanin ski area is the highest ski slope in Slovenia with the ski season lasting all the way until May. Due to the altitude, the pistes seldome freeze, allowing quality skiing on exclusively natural powder snow during most of the winter. By means of a newly constructed cableway and connecting ski slope, the region will become home to the first truly international ski centre. The new common ski centre will have the highest ski area around, with slopes starting at 2300m above sea level and finishing all the way down in the valley at 1140m.

Snow sports enthusiasts will enjoy 30km of natural snow, which will be supplemented by compact snow on the Italian side. A beginner slope, World Cup slope and many options in between, the Kanin-Sella Nevea Ski Centre will allow for relaxed and enjoyable skiing for all abilities and, in cooperation with the innovative ski manufacturer, the ELAN Ski Test Centre offers top-class gear for genuine enjoyment on the slopes.

For all those free and adventurous spirits who are not satisfied by the turns on the slopes, you can also take part in tour skiing trips over the untouched snow blanket of the vast Kaninski podi mountain range. The most genuine skiing experiences are only done in the company of trained guides. You can also set off for the ice waterfalls of the surrounding valleys to find skilled climbers ready to pass on their knowledge to eager beginners.

Bovec ski

Obecné informace

Minimální výška: 1100 m
Maximální výška: 2292 m


Nejbližší letiště: Ljubljana, 125 km
Nejbližší vlakové nádraží: Tarvisio, 20 km
Přímý autobus z vlakového nádraží
Přímá kyvadlová doprava z vlakového nádraží

Podrobnosti o lyžařském středisku

Všechny sjezdovky: 30 km
Nejdelší sjezdovka: 2 km
Běžecké tratě: 15 km

Umělý sníh
Noční lyžování

Modrá: 6 km
Červená: 22 km
Černá: 2 km


Sedačková lanovka
Dětská lanovka s pásy
Dětská lanovka (vlek)
Dětský park
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