Lázně Laško

Laško is a pleasant town by the lower stream of the Savinja River. It lies on the 228 m above the sea level, nearly in the centre of Slovenia. The town boasts special natural gifts, rich cultural and historical heritage and variegated cultural, sports and tourist pulse during the entire year . It first was mentioned as a market in 1227, and it become a town at its 700th anniversary in 1972.

Laško combines the attractiveness of a view of the river and the surprising beauties of thermal water. The stimulating energy and the quality biofield of the water, which helps re-establish
the energy balance in the organism, are scientifically proven. The beneficial ionic structure and regular forms of water crystals have been restoring health and conserving wellbeing for 150 years.


Obecné informace

Minimální výška: 210 m
Maximální výška: 227 m


Přímý autobus z vlakového nádraží
Přímá kyvadlová doprava z vlakového nádraží