Lyžování Obertauern

Obertauern is situated in the Salzburger province of Austria and with a resort level of over 1400 metres you are pretty much guaranteed snow for most of the season. It was put on the map as a well respected ski resort over 50 years ago when word got round as to how fine the snowfall was here. The season is relatively long, opening on November 25th and closing on the 1st May so with this in mind it is not hard to see why Obertauern ski holidays are very popular.

The runs here total 100 with 61 and 35 being blue and red respectively. Whilst the remaining four are black runs. With over 100 kms of downhill pistes to choose from you may well be spoilt for choice. In order to carry everybody to their destination, there are 26 ski lifts that are capable of transporting up to 42,980 people every single hour. There are also 120 snow cannons, in the rare event that there is no snow. The highest lift point drops you off at a stunning 2350 metres above sea level, and with the lowest piste being at a height of 1640 metres, it gives you an overall elevation of just over 700 metres.

About the village:

Accommodation in Obertauern is plentiful so you should have no problems finding your desired place to stay. As for a hotel, Obertauern is not short of these either. There is a good selection of 3 and 4 star establishments as well as cheaper 2 star places.

Nightlife in Obertauern is fairly lively, with a selection of 7 bars and pubs. There are also 37 restaurants ranging from cheap and cheerful to slightly more upmarket fayre. On top of this you have 4 nightclubs and a total of 27 huts. One of the liveliest spots in town is the Gasthof Taverne where you can be assured a real party atmosphere every night of the week.

Shopping in Obertauern is an eclectic mix of supermarkets, boutiques, perfume parlours and coffee shops, so there is something here for everyone.

Obertauern ski

Obecné informace

Minimální výška: 1630 m
Maximální výška: 2313 m


Nejbližší letiště: Salzburg, 88 km
Přímý autobus z vlakového nádraží
Přímá kyvadlová doprava z vlakového nádraží

Podrobnosti o lyžařském středisku

Všechny sjezdovky: 100 km
Běžecké tratě: 26 km

Umělý sníh
Noční lyžování

Modrá: 61 km
Červená: 35 km
Černá: 4 km


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