Lyžování Bad Kleinkirchheim

Lázně Bad Kleinkirchheim

Bad Kleinkirchen is situated in the Carinthian province of southern Austria . Nestled in the stunning Nock mountains it has a gentler alpine feel than the more rugged peaks of the Tirol. In Bad Kleinkirchheim ski holidays are predominant however the area lends itself to other forms of winter activities that include cross country skiing, skating and even ice golf.

The slopes themselves are mainly geared up towards intermediate skiers with over 75 percent graded red. Having said this there are still slopes that beginners can practice on and 17 percent of these are labelled up as blue. Only 8 percent of the slopes are deemed good for expert use and are labelled up as black. Apart from the topmost runs which are at a height of 2054 metres, the slopes wind most of their way through gentle sloping woodland. Because of this, most of the slopes are shaded throughout the day. However they are mostly facing north so they tend to hold the snow extremely well. Due to the reasonably low altitude, 97 percent of the 32 ski slopes are covered by snow making facilities, with the final 3 percent to follow in the near future so you are almost always guaranteed snow.

The resort starts at 1100 meters and elevates to a little over 2000 meters and with over 100 kms of ski runs, this should keep even the most avid skier happy. Just a word of caution, if you are a freestyler, then you might be a little disappointed as there is no terrain park here. Bad Kleinkirchheim is definitely more geared up towards the classic skier. Although it has Bad Kleinkirchheim hotels to suit all.

About the village

The town itself is bursting with apres ski activities and it is rife with Bad Kleikirchheim hotels. As far as eating out goes, Bad Kleinkirchheim has over 20 restaurants offering everything from award winning cuisine, to old traditional huts offering good, honest, hearty fayre. When you really want to let your hair down and party the night away, there are a selection of lively bars. If shopping is your apres ski activity of choice, then BKK also offers a range of shops and boutiques selling everything from designer clothes to designer jewellery. If craft is your thing, then there are also a number of smart craft shops as well as a craft museum.

Bad Kleinkirchheim ski

Bad Kleinkirchheim

Obecné informace

Minimální výška: 1100 m
Maximální výška: 2055 m


Nejbližší letiště: Klagenfurt, 50 km
Nejbližší vlakové nádraží: Spittal&Villach, 30 km
Přímý autobus z vlakového nádraží
Přímá kyvadlová doprava z vlakového nádraží

Podrobnosti o lyžařském středisku

Všechny sjezdovky: 103 km
Nejdelší sjezdovka: 4 km
Běžecké tratě: 40 km

Umělý sníh
Noční lyžování

Modrá: 18 km
Červená: 77 km
Černá: 8 km


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